What you are about to see is a list about you. The only way it would not match you perfectly is that if you cheat or lie. Do not take it as a challenge. Good luck.

10 Interesting Things About You
1:as a matter of fact, you are very serious about this and DO take it as a challenge.
2:inside, you are denying #1 but you know it is true.
3:you are reading #3 on my list at the moment.
5:you did not notice I skipped #4.
6:you are seeing if I am right, which I am.
7:you are now checking every number on this list to see if it will happen again.STOP CHEATIN’!!!
8:you notice I will skip #9.
10:you are wondering why there is more to come.
11:you did not think I would put more stuff on then I need.
12:you realized while I went to #12 on facts, I still managed to list 10…not.You did not realize that.

Was that great or what? For those of you wondering, I can read minds. I can prove it. At the moment you doubt my power to read minds. Just so ya know, you don’t have to worry about more of these each week. I will not do this too much.

PEACE!!!!!!(that was a sign off.)